Pro Select Series

The Pro Select Series from Shoeless Joe Gloves are designed for the baseball athlete that plays a significant number of games each season and has a personal goal of playing at the highest level possible, and are willing to make the investment ina professional grade ball glove.

Included in all Shoeless Joe, Pro Select baseball gloves is XRD® foam for Extreme Impact Protection and ball catching comfort.

NOTE: Custom lacing colors take 4-6 weeks to ship.

  • Made with 100% Steer Hide, Pro Select leather for durability and longer playing life. This leather is cut from the thicker part of a steer hide.
  • Cowhide inner lining for comfort and durability.
  • Exterior index finger pad with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection padding system is a standard feature
  • Constructed with Pro Select laces for additional strength and durability.
  • Dyed Leather for two color design is a standard feature.
  • All Pro Select gloves are available for the Shoeless Joe customized, personal embroidery option.

  • XRD Foam Special Announcement

    Pro Select 11 1/4 Closed Web

    11 1/4" Closed Web
    PS1125CWR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1125CWL (Left Hand Throw)

    11 1/4 Single Bar Pro-Select

    11 1/4" Single Bar
    PS1125SBR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1125SBL (Left Hand Throw)

    11 1/2 I-Web Pro-Select

    11 1/2" I-Web
    PS1150IWR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1150IWL (Left Hand Throw)

    11 1/2" Modified Trap

    11 1/2" Modified Trap
    PS1150MTR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1150MTL (Left Hand Throw)

    11 3/4" H-Web

    11 3/4" H-Web
    PS1175HWR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1175HWL (Left Hand Throw)

    11 3/4" I-Web

    11 3/4" I-Web
    PS1175IWR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1175IWL (Left Hand Throw)

    12" Basket Web

    12" Basket Web
    PS1200BWR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1200BWL (Left Hand Throw)

    12" L-Lace

    12" V-Lace
    PS1200VLR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1200VL (Left Hand Throw)

    12 1/2" Modified Trap

    12 1/2" Modified Trap
    PS1250MTR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1250MTL (Left Hand Throw)

    13" First Base Tennessee Trapper

    13" First Base Tennessee Trapper
    PS1300FBTTR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS1300FBTTL (Left Hand Throw)

    34" L-Lace

    34" Catcher's Mitt
    PS3400CMR (Right Hand Throw)
    PS3400CML (Left Hand Throw)