Shoeless Joe® Youth Gloves

Sliding Into Base

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9 Inch Joe Junior Glove

9" Joe Junior Glove
900JRR (Right Hand Throw)
900JRL (Left Hand Throw)


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9" Joe Junior

Shoeless Joe’s 9 inch youth baseball glove is the ideal glove to help any young baseball player learn to catch a baseball. It is designed to fit a small hand, but has a deep enough pocket to accept and hold a baseball. The 100% leather glove requires virtually no break in time because of the special tanning process that creates a functional and soft feel that can be managed by a small athlete.

Little to no break in time.

10 inch I-Web Joe Junior Glove

10" I-Web Joe Junior Glove
1000JRIWR (Right Hand Throw)
1000JRIWL (Left Hand Throw)


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10" I-Web Joe Junior

The 10 inch, Shoeless® Joe Jr 100% leather baseball glove is the industries best choice for a 7 to 8 year old athlete who wants to learn to catch a baseball and play the game. It is designed to fit the younger players hand and the pocket and web will easily accept and hold an official size baseball. The 10 inch Jr gloves has all the features of a larger glove. Because of the special antique tobacco planning process, the Joe Jr is easily broke in and can be closed by the young players when catching a ball.

Little to no break in time.

30inch Catchers Mitt Nunior

30" Catchers Mitt Junior
3000JRR (Right Hand Throw)
3000JRL (Left Hand Throw)


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30" Junior Catchers Mitt

Shoeless Joe® 30" youth catchers glove is made from 100% Steerhide leather, using Shoeless Joe’s unique tobacco tanning process. The 30 inch catchers glove is designed to better accommodate the young athlete’s hand, thus allowing the catcher to receive and hold the ball in the gloves web. Like all Shoeless Joe gloves, the 30" catchers glove is easily broke in to be made ready to take to the field.

Contains XRD® foam for Extreme Impact Protection